September 22
NYC and Everywhere
Wear Blue
Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.
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#FloodWallStreet – Today’s the Day

If you can’t join us in the streets today, follow all the action here.

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Pledge to #FloodWallStreet

Join the flood on September 22 starting at 9 am. The economy of the 1% is destroying the planet, flooding our homes, and wrecking our communities. After the People’s Climate March, wearing blue, we will bring the crisis to its cause with a mass sit-in at the heart of capital.

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Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.

September 22nd – Flood, blockade, sit-in, and shut down the institutions that are profiting from the climate crisis. Wear Blue.

On Monday, September 22nd at 9:00 am, thousands of people will gather at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers and natural resources. On the heels of the largest-ever march on climate change, we have an opportunity to transform the economic system driving this crisis.

Wearing blue to represent the sea that surrounds us, we rise to the steps of the NY Stock Exchange at 12:00 pm, flooding the area with our bodies in a massive sit-in – a collective act of nonviolent civil disobedience – to confront the system that both causes and profits from the crisis that is threatening humanity.

There is no time to waste – Wall Street must be transformed. Through the power of people taking collective action we will build an economy based on justice and sustainability and stop the climate crisis.

This call is in solidarity with the
Climate Justice Alliance Call To Action

New York City

Saturday – Direct Action Briefing

#FloodWallStreet Direct Action Briefing – 7 PM, B Electric (1298 Willoughby St In Bushwick)


Monday – #FloodWallStreet

9:00am – Gather at Battery Park for Breakfast and Music from Rude Mechanical Orchestra

9:30am – Speakers including frontline community leaders of the Climate Justice Alliance, Naomi Klein, Rebecca Solnit, and Chris Hedges

10:30am – Non-violent Direct Action Training and March

11:30am – March to the Financial District begins

12:00pm – Mass Sit-in in the Financial District

Join a training in New York City before the action!

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Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis. Flood, blockade, sit-in, and shut down the institutions that are profiting from the climate crisis. Wear Blue.

Use #FloodWallStreet on Facebook and Twitter to let us know about the actions you organize.

September 17-24, 2014.

Get support for your action or find one to join at the Direct Action Support Hub.
Full Calendar of Events

Climate Justice Alliance Call To Action
People’s Climate March

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Latest News Takes a Stand

Climate change is showing no sign of cooling down. GamblingMetropolis is taking a stand for an economy that is sustainable and fair.

Here are the facts: humans are pouring out carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere faster than plants and oceans can absorb it. These gases persist in the atmosphere for years and help trap heat near the earth’s surface creating global warming.

The last two decades have been recorded as the warmest in over 400 years. The most recent 12 years alone have 11 of the hottest years since 1850! The speed of which global warming is increasing is rapid and companies and politicians have to act fast before an uncontrollable positive feedback effect occurs.

With the average temperature rising every year consequences will follow. Only in the last 100 years the average temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius). It might not seem like much but the results have been unavoidable.

Not only is the arctic ice disappearing at a frightening speed but also glaciers and mountain snows. Montana’s Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers back in 1910. Now it has 27.

What follows is a rise in sea level threatening to drown out many of the worlds coastal cities. Some hundred million people live within 3 feet (1 meter) of sea level which is an alarming fact since it is reported that sea level could rise up to 23 inches by the end of this decade.

In addition we have deserts spreading out, extreme weather events reoccurring, ocean and land acidification, decrease in wildlife and nature and more. Needless to say, something needs to be done.

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